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Can I extend my cruise, or stay on the islands before or after my cruise?


Of course you can! Shorter cruises give an excellent impression of Galapagos when you are on time or on a budget, but you impossibly can see all highlights, and you have to decide which route to follow (or which day to start with). When you want to get the maximum out of your visit, we suggest to extend your cruise by combining our routes up to continuous itineraries of:


  • 10 or 15 nights (Galapagos Odyssey)
  • 8, 10 or 14 nights (Treasure of Galapagos)
  • 7, 8, 10, 11 or 14 nights (Nemo)
  • 10, 11 and 14 nights (San Jose and Yolita II)


In this way you can explore practically all islands, in almost every corner of the archipelago. Longer cruises are the only way to see albatrosses on Española, ánd land iguanas on South Plaza, ánd red-footed boobies on Genovesa ánd penguins and flightless cormorants in the Western archipelago. You probably will visit Galapagos only once in a lifetime, and really every island is different and well-worth a visit!


We also kindly help you with organizing hotel-bookings, hotel-based packages and day tours, including scuba diving when you prefer a hotel-based island extension. In this way you can experience Galapagos in two different ways: the cruise for visiting some of the more exclusive remote islands; and the land-based tour to explore the surroundings of the inhabited islands.


Are families with children welcome on board?


Of course families with children are very welcome on board! But we suggest that your children are at least 3-4 yours old, so that they enjoy the experience as well and endure the intense trip. Maybe it’s better to consider waiting a few years until they realize how special Galapagos is. We don’t offer special children’s programs, but they will love the nearby animals, and our activities as swimming, snorkelling and sea-kayaking. Parents are responsible for their kids, and have to take into account that they might not undertake longer or more difficult excursions or activities. We have special discounts for children younger than 12 years (-20% for 1 child per 2 parents), as the airlines have, as well as reduced entrances fees for the Galapagos National Park.



What is the physical condition required for the cruise?


We recommend that passengers be in reasonably good physical condition. Our programs are well-filled, but you can always skip a more demanding activity and take a rest on board. Yet elderly or disabled people may encounter some problems:


Some trails are longer or more difficult, with sharp lava rocks or even some light scrambling (especially in unspoiled remote areas as West Galapagos with hardly touristic infrastructure, but also on Española, Genovesa and Tintoreras). The A-Route of  Treasure of Galapagos doesn’t count with difficult trails, and are easier accessible. To enjoy Bartolomé’s postcard view you have to overcome the well laid out walkboard and breathtaking stairs to the panoramic viewpoint on top (114m/375ft ascend).

When embarking and disembarking the inflatable dinghy, especially when the surf is a bit rougher (although our crew is always there to help you in and out safely).

Please check also in our yacht design whether the steps on board are suitable for you.

Especially the A-route of Treasure of Galapagos evades long overnight crossings and generally arrives at its destination before midnight, guaranteeing a comfortable night rest.


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