Routes overview Galapagos Odyssey

We take you around the remote and most exceptional islands of the archipelago, following original and flexible routes that can easily be combined. Even our shorter routes visit some of the most impressive and out-of-the-way sites! You will keep going from one surprise in the other.

Our programs include a wide range of activities, such as guided hikes, inflatable dinghy-rides, visits to Galapagos giant tortoise breeding projects, interpretive botanic trails and visitors centers. Additional activities, such as snorkelling, are part of the itineraries as well. These activities depend on local conditions and will be coordinated together with the guide. Scuba diving can be booked optionally.


Our standard routes

Important Note: Itinerary is subject to change in case of force majeure caused by exceptional and natural circumstances

Route A (southeast ) is a 5 nights naturalist cruise; Route B (north ) a 4 nights cruise; and Route C (west ) another 5 nights route.
When you want to stay 10 nights you can opt for a combination of A & B or B & C. A combination of all 3 routes results in a 15 nights cruise.

Please note that during all these cruises the first and last day of the itinerary are partially occupied by traveling to Galapagos or back to the continent. When booking a combination of routes, you may experience a change of fellow passengers. In such a case you will have some free time to spend on your own on board, which is an ideal moment to relax, read a book from our library or maybe to select best photos you have taken. On these ‘passenger change days’ the morning excursion will normally be done with the passengers leaving the yacht and the afternoon excursion will be done with the passengers arriving to the yacht.


  • Route A ( southeast): Our 5 nights south-eastern route visits most popular sites of Galapagos. This varied itinerary combines the overwhelming sea bird colonies of Española and North Seymour with highly appreciated South Plaza. It is characterized by relatively shorter nightly navigations and even two nights of fairly quiet rest at calm anchorage-sites.
  • Route B ( southeast): Our shortest 4 nights northern route has enabled to combine remote and exclusive sea bird island Genovesa with various nearby islets in the heart of the archipelago, giving an intense and excellent quick impression of Galapagos.
  • Route C ( west): Our 5 nights western route primarily explores the remote and exclusive western islands of Isabela and pristine Fernandina, which are both just recently born out of fire. It counts with some longer nightly navigation stretches and will anchor at Santiago’s James Bay (fur seal grottos and great snorkelling) before finishing at the easternmost island of San Cristobal.

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