Yacht design M/Y Galapagos Odyssey

M/Y Galapagos Odyssey represents a remarkable manifestation of evolution itself in the private yacht industry. This First Class yacht has been built in 2007/2008 to fulfil the highest expectations from most exclusive Galapagos cruises. The Galapagos Odyssey is considered among most comfortable and spacious 16-passenger boats cruising this archipelago. Its fully equipped and ample twin cabins (20 m²) provide passengers with the comfort of a hotel room, while enjoying the constantly changing view outside their stunning panoramic picture windows. This yacht is equipped with two powerful engines that give a cruising speed of 12 knots (over 22 km/h). Moreover it has been designed to reduce the impact on the fragile Galapagos ecosystem.

Ample social areas: outside decks, cozy living & dining room

Outside social areas

ODYSSEY 12-webBecause our spacious yacht accommodates only 16 passengers, its design leaves ample room for a large sun deck and even two shaded terraces, all with inviting lounge chairs. Moreover the rear terrace on the sun deck contains the special amenity of a whirlpool (jacuzzi). This deck is wood-covered, so that you can walk on it without burning your feet (as might happen on other yachts).

The shaded and sheltered terrace on the upper deck has an outside bar with a sofa in the cozy sitting area and lounge-chairs. It is used for welcoming the passengers after the excursions, having a juice and a snack, and as the ‘al fresco’ (outside) dining terrace. The outside deck space is excellent for relaxing, enjoying panoramic views and wildlife observation.



Interior social areas

lounge-odtsseyThe interior part of the main deck contains the spacious lounge with a coffee table and a small library. In this cozy lounge the on board naturalist guide also presents every night his (or her) previous briefings. It is facilitated as well with a laptop, TV and DVD-player where movies can be shown with more information about the Galapagos Islands. You may use this area at any time to enjoy a drink, read a book, or watch a movie. In this Lounge the on board naturalist guide also presents his (or her) previous briefings every night.

Next to this sitting area is the elegant dining area with 4 rectangular tables around the buffet bar. Near the bar is a coffee station where coffee, tea and bottled water are available for free at any time.




Spacious cabins with the comfort of a hotel room

Floor plan

suiteokThanks to the innovative design all 8 twin cabins are located in the quieter upper front half of the yacht, and not directly above or next to the engine room, which is located beneath the lounge and dining Area. This guarantees a better sleep during the mainly overnight passages, minimizing disturbance from engine noise in your cabin. Meals are served when the ship has anchored and the engines have been turned-off.


The very spacious twin and matrimonial cabins average 20 m² in size, including the private bathroom. The upper deck cabins (#5 – #8) have a seaside door, while the main deck cabins (#1 – #4) are entered from an inside corridor leading to the nearby lounge.

All these main and upper deck’s cabins are exterior facing and have impressive panoramic windows (instead of dark cabins with just a small porthole, common on many yachts sailing in Galapagos). These can be opened to let in daylight and for fresh air flow. All cabins have privately controlled air conditioning as well. Even the private bathroom with an ample shower cabin, a washing stand and hot/cold water has a bright sea view window with roller blind for your privacy.
The single cabin on the lower deck is meant for single travellers or tour leaders. Because partly below the waterline, this extra cabin doesn’t have panoramic picture-windows.



bano-okOur twin cabins are fully equipped and decorated and provide passengers with the comfort of a hotel room. All cabins have regular beds (no bunk beds!). Cabins #1 and #2 have a matrimonial bed; twin cabins #7 and #8 on the upper deck have beds that are convertible in one double configuration if desired. The single passenger’s cabin on the lower deck has a queen size bed.

Under the beds are handy sliding drawers for luggage storage, and each twin cabin also has a closet with a small safe, a nightstand, a sofa and a minibar. The small desk in the twin cabins has an inspiring sea view (also ideal for photographers that want to backup and select their shots in the privacy of their cabin). The panoramic windows have roller blinds for your privacy, or to get out the sun.

The bathroom is equipped with a rollerblind for your privacy, a wide desk, a large mirror and a hairdryer.

2017 Galapagos Odyssey - Galapagos Cruise.